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How Squamish Arts can help

Squamish Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting local art and artists in the community. Squamish Arts can be a helpful resource for artists and community members looking for assistance in their public art projects.

Here are a few way Squamish Arts can assist you:


Promotion on Social Media Platforms:
Through their extensive social media network, Squamish Arts amplifies upcoming opportunities for art and culture. By leveraging their online presence, you can gain visibility and connect with a wider audience.


Submit an RFP for Squamish Arts to share on their website and through their communications streams.


Consultation Services:
From conceptualization to execution, Squamish Arts provides comprehensive consulting services to guide artists through every stage of the public art process. Whether it’s writing RFPs, advertising opportunities to artists, or managing the selection process, their experienced team offers expertise and guidance.


Involvement in Selection Committees:
As advocates for artistic diversity and inclusivity, Squamish Arts staff members often participate as members of selection committees for public art projects. Their expertise and insight contribute to fair and informed decision-making, ensuring that artists from diverse backgrounds are given equal opportunities to showcase their talents and contribute to our vibrant cultural landscape.


Resume Review and Suggestions:
Artists can also benefit from Squamish Arts’ personalized feedback on their resumes and portfolios. By providing constructive critiques and tailored suggestions for improvement, we empower artists to present themselves effectively and stand out in competitive application processes.

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