Promoting Squamish's Cultural Landscape Through Public Art

At Squamish Public Art, we are dedicated to promoting and preserving the diverse artistic expressions that define our community. By providing a comprehensive home for public art, we aim to foster collaboration among artists, developers, and the public, contributing to the dynamic tapestry of Squamish’s cultural identity.

Core Values

Squamish Public Art is designed to make public art and public art resources easily accessible to everyone. By breaking down barriers, we strive to ensure that the beauty of Squamish’s public art is enjoyable by all.
We value active participation and engagement from the community when it comes to creating, documenting, preserving, promoting and enjoying the public art that Squamish has to offer.
We celebrate the richness of Squamish’s cultural mosaic and actively seek to represent and promote a diverse range of voices, perspectives, and artistic styles.
We are committed to providing resources and opportunities for artists to thrive. Our platform serves as a hub where artists can discover public art opportunities and access relevant tools. By empowering artists, we hope to contribute to the growth of Squamish’s creative community.
Squamish Public Art upholds transparency as a fundamental value. Our database serves as a reliable and up-to-date resource for all public art installations in Squamish. Additionally, we provide those wishing to create public art with easy access to tools and information, fostering a clear understanding of the processes involved in public art initiatives.
We believe in the power of education to inspire appreciation for public art. Our platform features educational resources that help both tourists and residents understand the significance of public art.

Through these values, Squamish Public Art strives to create a thriving ecosystem where public art flourishes, fosters connections, and enriches the cultural experience for everyone in Squamish.


The BC Arts Council and the District of Squamish’s contributions made the inventory and categorizing of all public artworks, the conservation, and this website possible. Their dedication to the arts and community enrichment has been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.

We invite you to become an integral part of the thriving arts community in Squamish. Your support can make a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of our town. Consider contributing to Squamish Arts by donating.


Let us know how you’d like to support public art in Squamish.