Artist Submission Form

Provide your information to be contacted about future public art opportunities in Squamish and beyond.

Artist Submission Form

Public art opportunities may include open RFPs, Squamish public art grant openings, local opportunities on new developments or buildings, and more.

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Artist Information:

Full Name

Artwork Information:

Type of artwork I want to display
1. Decorative: street banners, window decorations, vinyls, BC Hydro boxes, floor mosaics, etc
2. Functional: fencing, benches, seating, bike racks, etc
3. Murals: wall and floor murals
4. Sculpture: sculptures, carvings, etc
5. Other: temporary installation and anything without a fit elsewhere
Please include relevant units.

Preferred Location

1. Downtown or Downtown Adjacent
2. Loggers East: east of 99 between Cleveland and Centennial
3. Valleycliffe: anything accessible from Clarke Drive on the East of 99
4. Brackendale: west of 99 from Garibaldi Way to Paradise Valley
5. North Yards: northyards and Dentville, from Buckley North of Cleveland to the Bridge at the Squamish River
6. Garibaldi Estates: between Centennial and Dowad, includes Skyridge, Tantalus Road
7: Garibaldi Highlands: after hill on Skyline or Highlands Way
8. Rural District: anything outside of DOS bounds, in SLRD, Paradise and Squamish Valleys
Short description of project, including needs, and support required. 250 words max.
Please use full URL here including the https://
Please use full URL here and not @handle.

Photos of previous works:

Please upload 1-3 images that represent your artwork best. Dimensions: Min 800px Max 800px on either side @ 72dpi. File Size: no larger than 800kb for any individual image. Allowed file extensions: .jpeg, .png, .jpg
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I want to participate in Mural Walk
*Please note that this is not an application for Mural Walk. Visit the Downtown Squamish BIA's website to learn how to apply:
Terms & Conditions:

Please review the Terms & Conditions for submitting your artist profile.

I agree to the terms & conditions above.

Other Resources

Squamish Arts Artist Database

If you are an artist looking for opportunities outside of public art, please fill out the Squamish Arts Artist Database form.

Open Opportunities

Interested in creating public art in Squamish and beyond? Check our existing Request for Proposal database.

Artist Resources

This page is meant to assist artists who are looking to access resources that allow for them to contribute to public art in Squamish and beyond.

Terms & Conditions

1. Eligibility

1.1. Artist Submissions are open to individual artists, artist collectives, and organizations involved in public art projects.

1.2. Submissions must be made by individuals or entities directly involved in the creation and execution of public art.

2. Submission Process

2.1. Submissions must include accurate and complete information as requested in the Artist Submission Form, including contact information and a portfolio showcasing the artist’s work.

2.2. The submitter agrees to provide consent for Squamish Public Art to review the submitted portfolio and contact information for potential inclusion in various opportunities, including but not limited to open RFPs, public art grant openings, and local opportunities on new developments or buildings.

3. Opportunity Contact

3.1. Squamish Public Art may contact artists directly based on the information provided in the form for potential participation in relevant opportunities.

3.2. Artists acknowledge that submission through the Artist Submission Form does not guarantee participation in any specific opportunity, and participation is subject to the discretion of the organizers of each opportunity.