Artwork Request Form

This form is for developers, business owners, land owners, and community members who are looking for private commissions for artworks.

Artwork Request Form

By filling out the information in this form, Squamish Arts will be able to assist with the process of selecting an artist for your project. Please read the FAQs before completing this form.

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Terms & Conditions:

Please review the Terms & Conditions for submitting artwork.

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Terms & Conditions

1. Eligibility

1.1. Artwork Requests are open to developers, business owners, landowners, and community members seeking private commissions for artworks.

1.2. Individuals submitting artwork requests must be authorized representatives of their respective organizations or property owners.

2. Selection Process

2.1. The submitter agrees to provide consent for Squamish Public Art to include the information provided in this form on the Open Opportunities page.

2.2. Squamish Public Art will review the artwork request and may assist in the process of selecting an artist for the project.

2.3. The selection process may include evaluation of project requirements and feasibility.

2.4. The final decision regarding artist selection rests with the submitter, and Squamish Public Art does not guarantee the availability or suitability of any specific artist.

3. Artwork Commission

3.1. Upon selecting an artist for the project, the submitter agrees to negotiate terms and conditions directly with the selected artist.

3.2. Squamish Public Art is not responsible for any agreements or contracts between the submitter and the selected artist.