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Artwork Submission Form

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1. Downtown or Downtown Adjacent
2. Loggers East: east of 99 between Cleveland and Centennial
3. Valleycliffe: anything accessible from Clarke Drive on the East of 99
4. Brackendale: west of 99 from Garibaldi Way to Paradise Valley
5. North Yards: northyards and Dentville, from Buckley North of Cleveland to the Bridge at the Squamish River
6. Garibaldi Estates: between Centennial and Dowad, includes Skyridge, Tantalus Road
7: Garibaldi Highlands: after hill on Skyline or Highlands Way
8. Rural District: anything outside of DOS bounds, in SLRD, Paradise and Squamish Valleys
1. Enter the link of the Google Map OR 2. Enter the Long / Lat coordinates OR 3. Enter the address of the closest building
Type of artwork
1. Decorative: street banners, window decorations, vinyls, BC Hydro boxes, floor mosaics, etc
2. Functional: fencing, benches, seating, bike racks, etc
3. Murals: wall and floor murals
4. Sculpture: sculptures, carvings, etc
5. Other: temporary installation and anything without a fit elsewhere
If known, share the material the artwork is made out of
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250 words max
250 words max
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Please upload 1-3 images to represent the artwork. Dimensions: Min 800px Max 800px on either side @ 72dpi. File Size: no larger than 800kb for any individual image. Allowed file extensions: .jpeg, .png, .jpg
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Terms & Conditions:

Please review the Terms & Conditions for submitting artwork.

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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the submission of artwork to Squamish Public Art for consideration to be displayed on the website and integrated into the public art registry and database.

1. Submission Eligibility

1.1. Artworks submitted must be publicly accessible, available to view, generally either commissioned or approved by the building/land owner, and within the District of Squamish boundary.

1.2. Artwork submitted must be original to Squamish

1.3. Artwork cannot be anything that includes a logo and/or is an advertisement

1.4. Artwork cannot be graffiti or unsanctioned murals that need building owner approval

2. Submission Process

2.1. Submissions must be made through the official Artwork Submission form on the Website.

2.2. Submissions must include accurate and complete information as requested in the submission form.

2.3. If the submitter is unsure about information in the form, they can contact with any relevant questions.

3. Review Process

3.1. Submissions will be reviewed by the website administrators

3.2. The review process may include evaluation of artistic merit, relevance to public art themes, and compliance with submission guidelines.

3.3. The decision to accept or reject a submission is at the sole discretion of the website administrators.