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Artists often need to submit artist resumes when applying for art fellowships, educational study, grants, and exhibitions.

An artist’s resume can require different elements than a typical resume. Individuals in creative fields typically want to highlight their portfolios, productions and exhibitions.

Below are some of the minimum sections and information that you might want to include:


Contact information – name, phone number, email, locations


Website and social media links


Write a professional summary – A professional summary is a brief statement describing your career as an artist. You might indicate how many years of experience you have or what type of training you’ve received; what type of art you specialize in; notable awards you’ve received.


Professional experience – List your employment or project history with your most recent project/position being noted first.


Creative Works – List relevant work, name of the work, publication date, and your role in it (if applicable). If you have significant experience you may categorize this section as exhibitions, collections, publications, productions or shows.


Skills – if you have quite diverse skills or work in different artistic fields it could be useful to list your skills, such as

  • Dancing
  • Sculpting
  • Architecture
  • Painting, drawing, photography
  • Glass blowing
  • Acting
  • Playing an instrument
  • CAD
  • Graphic Design, Illustrate, InDesign


Awards, special achievements, residencies, fellowships


Educational Achievements


Add images in a separate portfolio
  • Artist Resources

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