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For First Nations artists seeking opportunities, below are tools that can help foster career growth:


Cultural Empowerment
Embrace and celebrate your cultural heritage in your artistic expression. Infuse your work with personal narratives and traditions to create authentic and meaningful art. Consider both traditional and modern expressions of different types of culture and art and explore, connect with, and view other works to understand how artists are incorporating their heritage and culture into public art.


Connect with Community Elders and Artists
Foster connections with elders and experienced artists within your community. Their guidance and mentorship can provide valuable insights, cultural context, and support for your artistic journey.


Research Funding Opportunities
Explore various funding opportunities available for Indigenous artists. Organizations such as the First Peoples’ Cultural Council , BC Arts Council, and Canada Council for the Arts offer grants and programs to support Indigenous artists in British Columbia.


Engage with Indigenous Arts Organizations or upskill with Arts Education
Connect with Indigenous arts organizations in British Columbia, such as the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance , and for digital art the IM4Lab at Emily Carr or Spark Indigenous Augmented Reality Lab. These organizations provide resources, educational opportunities, and other information such as grants and exhibitions.


Build an Online Presence
Create a strong online presence to showcase your portfolio. Utilize social media platforms and consider building a personal website to reach a broader audience and connect with potential collaborators or clients.opportunities, and other information such as grants and exhibitions.


Show your Work
Explore collaboration opportunities with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists by reaching out to artists directly. Showcase your work at Indigenous art festivals and events. Apply to open calls for artists through galleries or reach out to them directly, such as local galleries in Squamish, at the Squamish library foyer gallery, the Polygon Gallery, and the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre (SLCC) . This exposure can help you build connections, gain recognition, and potentially attract buyers or collaborators.


Participate in Artist Residencies
Look for artist residency programs that support Indigenous artists. These programs provide dedicated time and space for creative work, and many offer the chance to connect with other artists and communities.


Seek Representation
Consider seeking representation from galleries or art agents that specialize in promoting Indigenous artists. Representation can provide exposure, negotiation support, and opportunities for exhibitions.


Stay Informed about Indigenous Art Initiatives
Attend conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions to stay connected with the broader artistic community.

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