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Types of Public Art

Public art is far more than murals, sculptures, and permanent installations. There are many different types of public art, and also functional elements that can be designed in a creative and usable way. Public art can be grand and commissioned with larger budgets, however it can also be incorporated into public spaces and with a smaller budget through combining art with functional elements. It can be temporary, permanent, or a rotating series.
  • Bike racks
  • Fences
  • Signage
  • Buildings, plazas, reception areas, and facades
  • Pavements
  • Gardens
  • Play structures and playgrounds
  • Seating and benches
  • Utility covers, signposts, lampposts, manhole covers
  • Blank walls with a series of rotating commissions
  • Lanes and alleyway activations or enhancements
  • Temporary installations, popups for events or significant milestones, biennales or regular festivals or events
  • Projection mapping
  • Series of installations (view example)
  • Interactive media such as lightboxes and kiosks
  • Video screens
  • Performance art
  • Community Resources

Other Resources

Artwork Requests

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