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Fabrication & Installation

Depending on the agreement in the contract, the fabrication and/or installation of the artwork may be managed by:
  • The artist and/or their team
  • A fabricator or installer
  • The commissioning agency/developers/architects/contractors
Prior to installation, approval from the DOS should be sought.


Depending on the artwork, artists should supply maintenance documentation such as in the form of a manual. The manual will describe in detail the specifications of materials and finishes, method of cleaning, preserving and maintaining the final artwork, and drawings and instructions for its care.

Contracts should reflect an understanding of standards of practice regarding the integrity of the artwork and artists’ legal rights as creators. Consult the Public Art Toolkit (page 45) and the Canada Intellectual Property Office, Copyrights, for more information.

Contracts and clients will specify any health and safety, or particular liability requirements such as a requirement for the artist to maintain their own general liability insurance, and this is recommended for all artists. Clients may require their organization to be named as an additional insured during the construction/installation phase, or detail whether the artist as a contractor would be included in the developer’s liability. Contracts should specify who is responsible for the artwork post-installation.
Artists should provide the client with a statement about the artwork, including its name, materials, date created, and inspiration behind the artwork to be documented. They should also provide high quality photos and/or videos, or the commissioning organization should ensure photos are taken. Squamish Arts maintains a registry of all public art in Squamish. We invite anyone to submit a request for public art to be added to the registry, website and map.
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