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Faces Honour Wall

Thor Froslev, Dakota Hamilton
Year: 1988
  • Mural
  • Cement / Concrete
Status: In Place


This wall consists of a series of concrete casts of faces, created as a fundraiser for the Brackendale Art Gallery. Dorte Froslev made the casts, and Thor Froslev and Dakota Hamilton were the conceptual and concrete artists. There are some famous people featured, such as David Suzuki and Robert Bateman. The faces depicted are donors to the fundraiser, famous people, or those who did a great service to the Earth or the Gallery.

Thor Froslev immigrated from Denmark to British Columbia and worked as a longshoreman before founding the Brackendale Art Gallery (BAG) in 1972. The BAG has since been a pillar of creativity and community for over 50 years.

Thor’s contributions extended beyond the arts. He served on Squamish Council, played a role in developing Brennan Park Recreation Centre, and revived the Brackendale Farmers Institute and Fall Fair. Recognized for his leadership, Thor received accolades from the Squamish Chamber of Commerce in 2005 and was granted the Freedom of the Municipality in 2018. Additionally, he was honored with a BC Achievement Award in 2016 for his profound contributions to Squamish.

Thor’s legacy lives on through his dedication to art, environmental awareness, and community leadership, leaving a lasting impact on the landscape and culture of Brackendale.


41950, Government Road, Squamish, British Columbia, V0N 1H0, Canada.

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