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Victoire Perez discovered her passion for painting at age seven under the guidance of an experienced artist. Seeking to turn this passion into a full-time profession, she left France for Canada at eighteen, drawn by its inspirational environment. Victoire’s art blends street art and semi-realism, exploring the interplay of opposing-colored lights to reflect her generation’s essence.

As a young woman seeking independence, she portrays the power, sensuality, and depth of women through diverse tones and light sources, transcending cultural boundaries. Traveling extensively, Victoire’s art evolves to reflect her varied inspirations, communicating a message of inclusivity and empowerment. Her paintings convey the pervasive power inherent in every individual, regardless of gender, culture, or background, embracing diversity and fostering a sense of unity.

Public Art by

Victoire Perez

Squamish Public Art Painted Parklet 800x800

Painted Parklet

Victoire Perez

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