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Laara Cerman, based near Vancouver, Canada, delves into the nexus of art, science, and history by exploring pockets of wilderness in urban landscapes and British Columbia’s forests. With a focus on wild plant specimens, she curates a digital herbarium, unraveling the life cycles and ecological roles of flora in Canada’s biodiverse province. Laara’s photography, crafted through digital compositing and unconventional scanning techniques, captures hyper-realistic images with a memento mori ambiance, emphasizing intricate details and existential themes. Beyond photography, she has ventured into embroidery and metalwork, engaging in public art projects across British Columbia. Laara’s evolving artistic journey seeks to amplify the intricate beauty and ecological significance of our natural world, fostering a deeper connection between humans and the Earth.

Public Art by

Laara Cerman

Squamish Public Art NY Cedar Cone Raincatcher 800x800

Cedar Cone Raincatcher

Laara Cerman

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