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Konstantin Dimopoulos is a conceptual artist and sculptor whose art practice is grounded in his sociological and humanist philosophies. He investigates globally relevant questions related to ecology and the human condition through his socio-environmental interventions and conceptual proposals, which argue for the potential of art as a means of social engagement and change.

Konstantin Dimopoulos was born in Port Said, Egypt to Greek parents and grew up at the mouth of the Suez Canal until the age of eight, when the family moved to Wellington, New Zealand to escape a political upheaval. With this diverse cultural and political history, the artist has created art interventions on issues including emigration, environmental ecocide, homelessness, and genocide.

The Blue Trees, an ongoing environmental art installation about deforestation where the artist uses a vibrant blue to temporarily transform living trees into a surreal environment.

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Konstantin Dimopoulos

Squamish Public Art The Blue Trees Konstantin Dimopoulos

The Blue Trees

Konstantin Dimopoulos

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