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Welcome to Squamish

Alex Fowkes
Year: 2021
  • Mural
  • Paint
Status: In Place


This large-scale mural was painted on the side of a building during the Squamish Wind Festival for the Arts in 2020. In white and orange it depicts the words “Welcome to Squamish”, “Ḵ’ay̓áchtn Skwxwú7mesh ” in the Skwxwú7mesh language against a backdrop of greens, with foliage surrounding the words on either side.

Artist Statement

Consulting with a Squamish Nation language expert, I put a great deal of thought and consideration into the design of the piece, which features ‘welcome’ in both Squamish and English and bright pops of colour to bring vibrancy to even the dreariest of rainy days.”

Alex, born in the U.K. and with completed projects spanning Europe, North America, and Asia, brings a wealth of experience in graphic design. He values experimentation and play in the design process, often integrating typography and graphic artwork into physical environments to command attention. Proficient in murals, installations, logo branding, packaging, advertising, illustration, and infographics, Alex approaches each project as a visual problem solver. His expertise extends to authoring two books on typography, ‘Drawing Type’ and ‘Expressive Type,’ and collaborating on mammoth typographic installations, international advertising campaigns, and creative studio projects worldwide.


38192, Cleveland Avenue, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 0C4, Canada.

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