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Welcome Post

Ray Natraoro, Ses Siyam
Year: 2015
  • Sculpture
  • Paint
  • Wood
Status: In Place


This carving is a human welcome figure showcasing a human wrapped in a blanket which symbolizes wealth.

Artist Statement

Noble people had blankets and it shows that this person had responsibility. I hope the post will stand for many years and I’m proud to keep my culture alive artistically. It will represent and greet people when they come in. I believe that expanding working relationships through public artworks, galleries, and private clientele enables me to share our culture and traditions by creating a lasting legacy for future generations.”

Ray Natraoro (formerly Natrall) apprenticed under Kwakwaka’wakw artist, Simon Dick, and Coast Salish artists, Klatle-Bhi and Rick Harry.

Natraoro is deeply involved with the traditional culture of his people, teaching the Salish language and involving himself in the singing and dancing of his cultural heritage.

“I have been carving masks, totem poles, and model canoes since 1994. I learned to carve canoes from my late uncle. Canoe building can be traced back through five generations in my family. I have helped carve three race canoes, and in 1998 I was the Master Carver on a 37-foot sea-going canoe for my nation.” In addition to his carving, Natraoro has been creating many limited edition prints since 2007.


1100, Commercial Place, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 0S7, Canada.

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