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Two Serpents

Atheana Picha
Year: 2021
  • Mural
  • Paint
  • Plywood
Status: In Place


This mural on plywood was created for the 2021 Mural Walk. It shows two green, red, and white serpents facing one another with twisted tails against a blue and green backdrop. Serpents are featured heavily in First Nations histories of the region and this mural is an image of these important creatures in the artist’s Coast Salish style.

Atheana Picha, a Salish artist from the Kwantlen First Nation with roots in the Tsartlip community, embodies the name Nash’mene’ta’naht, meaning “Go-Getter Woman” in St’at’imc, bestowed upon her by Gerry Oleman. Based in Richmond, BC, she delves into 2-Dimensional media as an interdisciplinary artist. Since 2018, Atheana has apprenticed under Musqueam weaver Debra Sparrow for Salish wool weaving and Squamish artist Aaron Nelson-Moody for silver engraving, wood carving, and tool making, grounding her practice in Salish design, nature, and ancestral teachings.

Atheana pursued fine art at Langara College, specializing in ceramics, intaglio printmaking, and wood carving before focusing on screen printing and drawing in 2021. Her engagement with public art spans mural works across Greater Vancouver since 2018, alongside recent banner and vinyl mural installations. As a two-time recipient of the YVR Art Foundation Emerging Artist Scholarship, Atheana’s pieces grace collections at esteemed institutions like the Museum of Vancouver, Burnaby Art Gallery, and Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art. Her journey intertwines tradition, innovation, and community, shaping a dynamic artistic identity rooted in cultural heritage and contemporary expression.


38006, Cleveland Avenue, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 0A1, Canada.

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