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Triangular Stawamus Mountain Mural

Stan Matwychuk
Year: 2017
  • Mural
  • Paint
Status: Decommissioned


This mural was commissioned when the Crash Hotel opened in 2019. It featured a mural with a triangular design modelled after the Stawamus Mountain in Squamish, and was a fresh take on a common sight downtown.

Stan Matwychuk is a versatile artist at Homebase Studios who has lived in the Sea to Sky Corridor for over two decades. He transitioned from Whistler to Squamish in 2010, where he has left his mark through murals, art classes, and community initiatives. Stan has spearheaded various mural projects, fostering artistic expression and community collaboration.

With a background in graphic illustration and design, Stan’s expertise extends to outdoor and indoor murals, live art facilitation, and creative consultation. He emphasizes the importance of creativity in driving innovation and community engagement, embodying this ethos through his diverse projects and collaborations.

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