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Through Wonder We Learn

Jessa Gilbert, Alex Fowkes
Year: 2019
  • Mural
  • Paint
Status: In Place


This mural painted on a seacan features a the phrase “though wonder we learn”, with the word WONDER in large purple and white block font, surrounded by a background of green foliage, with a red and green background.

Artist Statement

We partnered to create a mural for Coast Mountain Academy that incorporated their school’s mission statement into the lush surroundings of their school.”

Jessa’s paintings and drawings emerge from her experiences in the backcountry, blending the creation process with adventure to capture the spirit of exploration during her time outside. These adventurous artworks also serve as studies for murals, bringing backcountry adventures back to urban and daily life.

The artworks are about the human experience and temporality of wilderness. They aim to celebrate play and exploration, and these moments within the wild. These pieces explore the connectedness between all parts of the adventure – the sky, the trees, our footprints, etc – through the use of one, single, continuous line to create the foundation for each piece.

Relocating to BC in 2013 changed her art focus, and she has officially admitted to being an experiential landscape artist. Her pursuits of art and adventure led her to become a backcountry guide as well. You can find her at Baldface Lodge in the winter working as a snowboard guide, or in the mountains, at the beach, or on her bike exploring and working on the #getoutoftownvibe series.

Alex, born in the U.K. and with completed projects spanning Europe, North America, and Asia, brings a wealth of experience in graphic design. He values experimentation and play in the design process, often integrating typography and graphic artwork into physical environments to command attention. Proficient in murals, installations, logo branding, packaging, advertising, illustration, and infographics, Alex approaches each project as a visual problem solver. His expertise extends to authoring two books on typography, ‘Drawing Type’ and ‘Expressive Type,’ and collaborating on mammoth typographic installations, international advertising campaigns, and creative studio projects worldwide.


3295, Mamquam Road, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 0T8, Canada.

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