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This Beautiful Day, Halth Skwile Te-staas

Kristin McIver
Year: 2015
  • Sculpture
  • Aluminium
  • Batteries
  • Neon
  • Solar Panels
Status: In Place


This artwork is a large neon illuminated sign with the phrase: “This Beautiful Day” mounted on a black backing.

Artist Statement

This Beautiful Day is an important acknowledgement expressed at the beginning of Squamish First Nations public gatherings. The theme of the 2014 – 2016 Vancouver Biennale Residency Program, Open Borders / Crossroads Squamish, encouraged me to explore the multiculturalism and history of the region. Inspired by the Squamish First Nations oral traditions and nature’s bountifulness, I created an artwork that bridges divides amongst languages, cultures, and physical landscapes.

The research for the project involved much time spent with members of the Squamish Nation, including taking part in traditional canoe pulls, barbecues, and other cultural events. During this time, I was warmly welcomed by the community and was touched by the First Nations’ acknowledgement of, and respect for, the natural landscape and one other.

Throughout my 2015 residency the phrase “Thank you for this beautiful day” was spoken many times, and this simple respect for the environment is something that I wish to highlight through my work, as a reminder for people living in urban environments.”

Kristin McIver, an Australian artist based in New York, explores identity in digital culture through sculpture, painting, sound, and installation. Her work delves into how social media shapes personal identity and redefines self-representation, examining the influence of political and market agendas behind the screen. With a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Melbourne, she has won the Melbourne Sculpture Prize and exhibited globally, including at the National Gallery of Victoria. Represented by galleries in New York, Los Angeles, and Australia, McIver’s art is held in collections worldwide.


1376, Peakside Place, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 1A8, Canada.

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