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The Son of the Chief

Ryan Cook
Year: 2021
  • Sculpture
  • Wood
Status: Decommissioned


A crescent-shaped piece of driftwood was carved with a face, reminiscent of the man on the moon.

Artist Statement

The beach wood is shaped like a half moon, so I carved the man in the moon. Then, when I put it under the Chief on the beach, I love how it connected the sun and the moon together. And if you take the right picture at the right moment, you can get the sun and the moon and the Chief all in one picture.”

Ryan, known as the wild blonde-haired carver from HGTV & Netflix USA’s “Carver Kings,” began his carving journey as an apprentice on the television series “Saw Dogs.” He swiftly rose to prominence as one of the foremost names in the world of Chainsaw Carving.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Ryan carves full-time. He turned professional in 2013, clinching First Place at the Campbell River Carving Competition, repeating his victory in 2017 along with the People’s Choice award. He’s earned top spots in various competitions, including the People’s Choice award at the Chetwynd World Championships in 2018. Despite only eight years of carving experience, Ryan has made remarkable strides. He’s the first Canadian sponsored by Echo Canada, Cannon Bar Works, Makita Power Tools, Saburrtooth, and Pfanner.

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