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Squamish Wings 2.0

Liesl Petersen
Year: 2020
  • Mural
  • Paint
Status: In Place


This mural, painted on a wall, features flaming eagle wings and eyes swooping above the words: Rise and Shine.

Artist Statement

I illustrated the wings of a phoenix rising from the ashes adorned with the words ‘Rise and Shine’- an appropriate credo for a coffee shop and also a call to action for people feeling frustrated due to what’s happened in the world as of late.”

Liesl Petersen, a resident of Squamish, BC, draws constant inspiration from her surroundings which is evident in her diverse portfolio of fine art and murals. Her focus spans from large-scale representations of the Sea-to-Sky region to intimate studio works in acrylic, ink, and watercolour.

With roots in painting contracting since 1997, Petersen has honed her technical skills to transition into a successful muralist, employing both precise mapping techniques and intuitive free-hand gestures. She seamlessly bridges interior and exterior murals, including groundbreaking aerial rooftop art in Western Canada. Petersen’s evolution as an artist showcases her graphic art abilities, culminating in multi-story murals that leave a lasting impact on the urban landscape.


1861, Mamquam Road, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 0G2, Canada.

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