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Sculpture Garden and Stone Flower

Patrick Sullivan
Year: 1994
  • Sculpture
  • Stone
Status: In Place


Five stone sculptures form a sculpture garden, including a wolf design, grey granite sculptures, a bench, one with the word SQUAMISH, and a stone flower. The Stone Flower sculpture was carved out of a five-ton slab of Alberta red granite. The male and female components of the rose are a metaphor for the beauty of love in its purely natural state. The pistil and stamen are enclosed by petals on the front. The curved symbol of birth and growth is prominent, as are the Celtic cross and flower carvings. The stone flower was donated to the DOS in 1994. The stone bench and stone sign were commissioned by the DOS in 1994. All sculptures were carved by hand using some machines for finishing work. The stone sculpture garden is dedicated to the memory of Squamish area pioneers of the logging, mining, and railway industries.

Patrick Sullivan was born in British Columbia, Canada and currently resides in Utah. He has completed over 20 public sculptures in stone and hundreds of sculptures for galleries and private sales.

His creations demonstrate a variety of style, depth, and form as he combines earth and quality of stone with personal vision. He has spent over five decades perfecting his craft.

Patrick studied stone sculpting, painting and drawing, design, ceramics and art history at Vancouver Community College, graduating in 1977. He also received a sculpture diploma from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1981.


Loggers Lane, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B, Canada.

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