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Christina Nick
Year: 2016
  • Sculpture
  • Paint
  • Steel
Status: In Place


Part of a three-sculpture series, these three red welded steel salmon are installed on a rock beside the river.

Artist Statement

The salmon sculptures were inspired by a Pacific Northwest Coast Aboriginal peoples’ legend. Each piece was made using welded steel, paint, resin and found objects that are unique to each neighbourhood. The connections between the town’s recreation and natural environment speak to me as an artist. I have been inspired, molded, and touched by all Squamish has to offer and I feel truly privileged to create an art piece that links its neighbourhoods.”

Christina Nick works in a variety of media and often travels to different countries to create sculptures and draw in her travel sketchbook. Christina’s work is inspired by her travels and her work is known to create a sense of place for the viewer and reference issues from specific countries, which she portrays by using native animals. The representational subject of her sculptures are easily recognized and therefore approachable.


41020, Government Road, Squamish, British Columbia, V0N 1H0, Canada.

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