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Public Furniture | Urban Trees – Little Smoke Bluffs Park

Hugo França
Year: 2015
  • Functional Art
  • Wood
Status: In Place


This carving is a tunnel made from a huge root of a tree. It is a part of a series of pieces created for the Vancouver Biennale and is one of the works that were installed in parks and spaces around Squamish for the public to engage with and enjoy.

Artist Statement

My sculpting process respects the natural features of the wood, promoting minimum waste. Considering the Squamish community’s relationship with the outdoors and nature, along with the region’s logging-industry roots, I created Public Furniture | Urban Trees – Squamish as a response to the balance between industry and nature, showcasing sustainable reuse that invites integration, creativity, and renewal.”

Atelier Hugo França’s principle is to transform trunks, roots and parts of trees that are generally rejected.

The raw wood material is stored at the atelier in Trancoso, Brazil, then chosen by Hugo according to its texture and organic shape for various projects. Hugo’s inspiration is drawn directly from the natural curves and shapes of the wood, following the paths created by nature.


1006, Panorama Place, Squamish, British Columbia, V0N 1T0, Canada.

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