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Log Book Park

Glenn Greensides
Year: 2014
  • Other
  • Plexiglass
  • Wood
Status: In Place


These pieces are a collection of 14 wooden structures with walls and roofs featuring wood carvings and text explaining stories of the Squamish region. They are spread throughout the park along a short walking trail sharing some of the history of the region. The structures were commissioned by the District of Squamish, with the installation undertaken by Sea to Sky Forestry Centre Society.

Artist Statement

This collection of 14 Giant Wooden Books depicts the history of our West Coast Forests. Each cedar log was first cut in half and then stood on end to represent the cover of each opened book. Protective roofs representing the canopy of a tree were placed on top of the two half logs. Carved wooden pages with relief images and words are attached to the logs creating the effect of a giant wooden book. Each of the 14 books represent a chapter in the history of our west coast forests, telling a different piece of forest history going right back to the age of the dinosaurs.. The story line for Log Book Park was written by the late Ken Drushka, the author of several books on British Columbia forestry.”

Artist Glenn Greensides has made his living from the bi-products of the forest industry for over two decades. His smaller works have adorned people’s homes around the world and his larger works have become attractions as on site demonstrations at resorts, lodges, and exhibitions.

For many years Glenn focused mainly on large scale heritage themed projects, each consisting of several monumental sculptures. However in 2007, Glenn transferred his attention back to smaller sculptures which made ideal souvenirs for travellers.


38551, Loggers Lane, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 0H2, Canada.

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