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Joyful Spirit Animal Series

Ciarra Saylor Douglas
Year: 2023
  • Decorative
  • Fabric
Status: In Place


These colourful red, blue and yellow banners depict sketches of an otter, a dog, an eagle, and a bear: beloved Squamish creatures. The Street Banners are a community initiative to provide and develop a visually rich environment that promotes livability and artistic vitality. The banners were installed in the summer of 2023 on existing light poles in commercial areas in Downtown Squamish, Garibaldi Estates, and at Brennan Park Recreation Centre.

Artist Statement

I have a great love for nature, animals and the spirit realm, and a great respect for nature and community. My style is steeped in realism and led by my intuition. Each animal and colour way pairing was chosen specifically to represent an aspect of the beautiful town of Squamish. The Otter represents joyful playfulness and sharing. With our bustling waterways, the otter is a fabulous animal to enjoy the oceans and rivers in Squamish. The Otter is paired with the blues of the sky and the reflection on the ocean. The Otter is paired with the Dog who represents faithfulness and protection. Our town is full of wonderful pets who enjoy our beautiful trails. The brownish colourway was chosen as an ode to the grounded connection dogs have as their four paws touch the earth, and how they ground the people around them. The Eagle brings illumination of spirit, healing, and creation to the community. These majestic birds soar over our heads, inviting us to pause and enjoy their magical energy. Yellow brings connection to the sun and the eagle’s strengths. The Eagle is paired with The Momma Bear who embodies the power of awakening the unconscious. She and her cub have been laid upon a salmon colour to connect them to the fish upon which they thrive in Squamish.”

Ciarra Saylor Douglas is a professional artist, illustrator & graphic designer with a degree in Communication and Visual Design from Emily Carr University. She has been painting and creating 2 dimensional works for many years, exhibiting in Canada and Internationally.

Her love of the arts and her enthusiasm for life has paved a path into teaching adults and children.


38123, Cleveland Avenue, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 0A8, Canada.

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