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Good Things Take Time

Fernanda Ribeiro Ferreira
Year: 2022
  • Mural
  • Paint
  • Plywood
Status: In Place


This mural on plywood was created for the 2022 Mural Walk. It features a yellow, pink, blue and white geometric design with designs like an hourglass, flower, and smiley face, and the phrase “good things take time”.

Artist Statement

Good things take time. A reminder to appreciate the process! In times of anxiety, where we are bombarded with beautiful and shiny final results every day, we tend to forget to look at what’s goes behind the scenes. The practice to learn, the patience to endure, the persistence to go deeper, and the calmness to enjoy…”

Fernanda Ribeiro Ferreira is an independent illustrator, product designer, and muralist based in Vancouver, Canada. Known for her vibrant and colorful creations, Fernanda specializes in producing bright images for various purposes, including decoration, fashion, and play. She is passionate about collaborating with fun and ethical brands, studios, and artists to bring bold, graphic, and cheerful designs to life.


38006, Cleveland Avenue, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 0A1, Canada.

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