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Anais Lera
Year: 2022
  • Mural
  • Paint
  • Plywood
Status: In Place


This mural on plywood was created for the Mural Walk. It depicts in the artist’s signature style an imaginary, fantastical scene of a garden, including flora in orange, pink, blue and brown, with snails, and a frog.

Artist Statement

This mural was painted in my style of imaginary ecosystems filled with meticulously detailed elements collected from scientific observations.”

Anaïs Lera, a French visual artist residing in Vancouver, Canada, draws inspiration from her childhood spent between the mountains and ocean in the South of France. With a passion for biology, she explored her surroundings with a microscope, shaping her artistic practice. Anaïs specializes in vibrant, intricate illustrations that blur the lines between science and fiction, creating otherworldly ecosystems filled with flora and fauna. Her work intersects illustration and design, focusing on themes of nature and exploration. Anaïs has collaborated with international galleries and clients such as Oxford Properties Group, Grosvenor Group, the Vancouver Mural Festival, BUMP Mural Festival, and NASA.


38006, Cleveland Avenue, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 0A1, Canada.

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