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Fountain of Youth

Turbo Bambi
Year: 2023
  • Mural
  • Paint
  • Plywood
  • Wood
Status: In Place


This mural painted on plywood was painted for the 2023 Mural Walk. In bright, flat colours, it features a range of elements, including a daisy skateboarding down a rainbow, mountains, smiling fruit, a flower with an eye, and pink and white checkered designs.

Artist Statement

In “Fountain of Youth,” my mural is a celebration of mountain living, with cheerful characters and vibrant colours capturing my vision of living life to the fullest. This art-doorsy scene created for Squamish Mural Walk sums up my appreciation for living in the mountains — my fountain of youth. Immersed in it’s wisdom, I realize that aging is inevitable, and growing up is optional.”

Blending the lines from backcountry to canvas, Bambi’s passion for the outdoors feeds her desire to create. As a passionate snowboard, surf and skate enthusiast, the French-Canadian artist translates her exhilarating adventures into bright and cheerful street art. Each piece she creates is infused with a sense of joy, inviting viewers to escape into a world of fantasy.

With her adventurous spirit and mixed media techniques, Bambi’s process is fueled by her Art-doorsy Lifestyle.


Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.

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