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Melanie Lazelle
Year: 2022
  • Other
  • Canvas
  • Fabric
  • Metal
Status: Decommissioned
in 2022


Eulogy was a temporary, two-week public art installation that was created as a memorial to biodiversity loss. The installation featured a 20 foot tunnel of streamers and lights, and sounds of different ecosystems and endangered animals and conservationists speaking, to create an immersive environment intended to spark conversation, thought, and hopefully, action. The streamers were printed with the names of extinct and endangered species, and on the outside of the tunnel local artists artworks were coupled with actions that people can take to support biodiversity.

The Wilder is a social enterprise that is spearheaded by Melanie Lazelle, who has ended up in Squamish after exploring the world. She has since created unforgettable immersive experiences and temporary, popup art. She is the Founder of Squamish at Dusk, and loves creating participatory, engaging art installations that share important environmental and social messaging.

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