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Estuary House Post

Tawx’sin Yexwulla, Aaron Nelson-Moody
Year: 2011
  • Sculpture
  • Wood
Status: In Place


This house post can be found amongst the nature and water of the Squamish estuary and is viewable from the Chelem trail. It depicts a bear’s head, a human head, salmon, and frogs. The house post is a carving that was created in collaboration with many Squamish Nation members and the Squamish Nation environmental coordinator Randall Lewis to signify the importance of the estuary environment and fauna.

Artist Statement

The house post is a post that holds up your house, and the estuary is so fundamental for life in that area, such as being a nursery for the salmon fry, habitats for the birds and creatures, even a home for all of the important bacteria. It is like an old growth forest in its own way. Frogs are particularly symbolic of the life fostered by the estuary.”

Aaron Nelson-Moody, or “Splash”, lives and works in the Capilano Village on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia. These days he is working mainly on jewelry engraving and repousse, and still carves the larger houseposts and panels on commission.

While Aaron is his English name, he also has his Squamish Nation name, Tawx’sin Yexwulla, which translates as: Splashing Eagle, so most people know him simply as “Splash”. He also carries the name, Poolxtun, from his adopted father Gerry Oleman, which he tanslates as, ‘the spreading ripples from a splash of water’.

He has worked with community groups and students in a number of schools in the Squamish and Vancouver areas since 1995, as well as sharing in Japan and Scotland. He has recently been carving a housepost at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and is currently working at Langara College teaching a Truth and Reconciliation based Aborignal carving cohort program.


Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.

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