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Eagle and Salmon Fence

Christina Nick
  • Functional Art
  • Metal
Status: In Place


The metal fence surrounding the gallery has feeding eagles and salmon cut from the steel, with river and forest scenes.

Artist Statement

The fencing surrounding the gallery was commissioned by Thor. Thor had the rod iron fencing installed and I made the designs based on their dimensions. The cutouts are eagles feeding on the salmon and eagles fishing for the salmon. I often create based on animals seen in my travels and the environment, and I enjoy creating animals in movement.”

Christina Nick works in a variety of media and often travels to different countries to create sculptures and draw in her travel sketchbook. Christina’s work is inspired by her travels and her work is known to create a sense of place for the viewer and reference issues from specific countries, which she portrays by using native animals. The representational subject of her sculptures are easily recognized and therefore approachable.


41950, Government Road, Squamish, British Columbia, V0N 1H0, Canada.

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