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Eagle and Better Together

Liesl Petersen, Gabriel Ostapchuk
Year: 2022
  • Mural
  • Paint
Status: In Place


These two murals are painted across the side of a building and are two murals intertwined. On the left is a colourful mural depicting an eagle in flight soaring towards the viewer, over geometric mountains. On the right is a painting by Ostapchuk of the phrase “Better Together” in large writing, in red, blue and yellow with designs behind the words.

Artist Statement

With support and collaboration from the wonderful women at Pearl’s, Gabriel created the design with love and inclusion as the primary qualities of inspiration. Pearl’s is a non-profit with 100% of the proceeds going to the Howe Sound Women’s Centre Society. The statement “Better Together” embodies community and the spaces and feelings that inspire healing and ultimately lead to a fulfilling life. Something we are all striving for. This mural was painted in the grey empty wall space surrounding an eagle that was originally painted by Liesl Petterson years prior. To fit the theme, Gabriel painted a mountainous cloud scene surrounding the eagle on the left side of the wall. Underneath the eagle lies a fallen tree with grass and abstract plants growing which was painted with assistance from Daniel Mier.”

Liesl Petersen, a resident of Squamish, BC, draws constant inspiration from her surroundings which is evident in her diverse portfolio of fine art and murals. Her focus spans from large-scale representations of the Sea-to-Sky region to intimate studio works in acrylic, ink, and watercolour.

With roots in painting contracting since 1997, Petersen has honed her technical skills to transition into a successful muralist, employing both precise mapping techniques and intuitive free-hand gestures. She seamlessly bridges interior and exterior murals, including groundbreaking aerial rooftop art in Western Canada. Petersen’s evolution as an artist showcases her graphic art abilities, culminating in multi-story murals that leave a lasting impact on the urban landscape.


38128, Cleveland Avenue, Squamish, British Columbia, V8B 0C4, Canada.

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